Dialysis Technician Job Description

Dialysis technicians assist people with kidney failure. Dialysis technicians have multiple roles, which include dialyzer reprocessing, equipment maintenance and repair, water treatment monitoring, participation in quality improvement, vascular access monitoring and direct patient care. Dialysis Technicians work primarily in hospitals, outpatient clinics or in home dialysis settings. They may also have titles of dialysis tech,renal dialysis technician, hemodialysis technician, and nephrology technician.

A dialysis technician job description includes preparing patients and operating equipment that performs the function of kidneys. The dialysis equipment filters out waster and toxins from the blood.  Dialysis Technicians work under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

Dialysis technician job duties include but are not limited to:
  • preparing the patient by explaining the process and record vital statistics
  • preparing the dialysis machine by making sure it is clean and sterile
  • preparing dialysis solutions
  • obtaining and documenting pre-dialysis vital signs, weight, and temperature.
  • inspecting a patient's dialysis access
  • administering  local anesthesia, inserts needles
  • connecting patient to the machine and initiating dialysis according to unit protocol and patient prescription
  • documenting treatment parameters and communicates patient condition and issues
  • measuring and adjusting blood flow rates according to established protocols and prescription
  • monitoring the patient during the procedure
  • discontinuing dialysis and establishing hemostasis following unit protocol
  • inspecting, cleaning, and dressing access according to unit protocol
  • preparing records after the procedure, obtaining and recording post-dialysis vital signs, temperature, and weight
  • discarding dialysis supplies and sanitizing equipment according to manufacturer and unit protocol
  • communicating emotional, medical, psychosocial, and nutritional concerns to the registered nurse

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